Sweet dreams.

I tuck my demons in every night.
Beside them, I lay exhausted and broken,
In the early morning, they rise before me.
Projections of their thoughts in my nightmares.
Unconscious and attacked.
Why do they hate me so much, I’ll never know
Wasn’t I the one that conjured them?
Hasn’t it been my responsibility to feed them?
Even my demons are like me
Bastards and ingrates. Liars and thieves.
What I steal doesn’t concern you,
What they steal is my will.
Twenty three years of building myself,
Twenty three years of them breaking him down.
For how long I fight is unknown,
But, I ain’t no bitch.
I won’t give up.
Nor will they.
Suspended in an eternal fight we will remain,
Until one is on their knees, screaming for mercy.

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