It starts with a burn

You feel it in your chest,
Like a fiery inferno from God’s mouth.

And what a Dragon she must be,
To set all our lungs ablaze.

Slowly, the sun inside you grows, and grows,

Your heart feels it too.

Too warm for comfort,

Too much to hold in,

You yell in silence, a scream in a sound proof room, bouncing all over like an aimless bullet.

No escape,

No company,

None to hear,

Not even you,

A language your body speaks, far from your understanding.

Your fists try to explain the story,

The wall cries bloody tears for you,

Your knuckles embrace it, once, twice, again, repeat, infinite.

Let me hug you. I feel it. Your words rush through me.

Now I learned what my organs have told you this whole time.

You’re in pain.


Cry more for me because I can’t.

I look forward to your next speech.


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