Where are you my favourite fiction?

Why have you left me so suddenly?

Solitude ended, and the lying began.
Each falsity dripping with bitterness,
While yours filled me with a sweet honey.

Look at them, like we once did.
Each enthralled with his own stardom,
And you, the gaping black hole which sucked away my love, went back to radiate and shine like they.

How your show became average, mediocre and distant like theirs, shining like you once did before me, and will continue to.

And I.

I am left to suffer the indignance and hate of a dark and empty space.

From a distance I watch you, like Galileo.

Let the others explore you.

A star is best appreciated from a far.

Its lies grow more beautiful with the distance.

And what is a shining star supposed to be, but a cautionary tale.

A story of men burned by its pain throughout the decades.


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