Sweating. Pouring almost. On the edge of the world and my nerves.

The world is heightened, intensified, magnified by a pill sent from the depths of a basement.

Happiness in bite size.

Happy meals should have these things in them.

ADHD won’t be a problem. we’d all be too busy Fucking.

And why shouldn’t we be?

When did we become too good to have a worldwide orgy that spans throughout the ages,maintains laws like the Romans did, that tomorrow translate to unspoken commandments of the genitals.

Free the sodomites, the degenerates, let them run rampant. let hedonism take over. let us Fuck till the sun envelops itself, becomes a black hole, and sucks us in like our seed spilled in a mouth.

The world started with an orgasmic explosion, why shouldn’t it end with one too?


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