Blubbers of flesh with  extended appendages and a self anointed sense of importance.

Born into this, and bound to mediocrity.

Forced into youth.

Forced into the present.

Constantly pushed for an unrequested tomorrow.


Forever enough.

A never ending stream of a copy that cemented itself in time once too often.




Nothing new can come out of this.

With repetition comes insanity.

And I’ve lost my mind long ago

Come on then, old age, you wrinkled fuck, you.

These frowns on my knuckles smile for you.

They wait to see what you offer.

I don’t fear you.

Seven billion fucking people.

Seven billion.

They’re making by fine.

Fuck you.

I’m on to your tricks.

I’m an insider now.

No matter how you sneak, and show your ugly self, you fuck, you. You unforgiving bastard.

If I could end you, I would have.

You’re too wise for my likes.

You sat and watched.

Many like me.

Many more like me will bother your gaze.

See you tomorrow.


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